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Continuous CO monitoring for maximum safety and peace of mind

There is a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor built into the compressor system. Every bit of gas that comes out of the compressor is continuously monitored for CO. Some fill stations might test their gas… every once in a while… Our gas is monitored continuously.

All of our gas is Oxygen Compatible -- even our air is "Oxygen Compatible Air" (OCA)!

We have a dual stack “hiper-filtration” system to provide maximum filtration – way past “Grade E”

Nitrox EAN32 is banked for your convenience -- and savings!

We compress and store Nitrox EAN32 in bank bottles. It's pre-blended before it's put into your tanks. That means that your tanks never see pure oxygen. And that means that your tanks don't need to be O2 clean! If your tanks are in hydro and viz, they are ready to be filled with Nitrox!

Because we have EAN32 ready to go, Nitrox fills are as fast as Air fills: we put the gas in your tanks and we're done! And you will know immediately what mix you have soon as it's filled. With partial-pressure blending, it takes time (sometimes hours) for the gasses to fully mix. With banked gas, you can analyze it immediately and know that's exactly what you'll have at the dive site. No waiting, no uncertainty!

We're closer, faster and cheaper than the quarry!

Compare our prices:

If you live in Michigan, we're a lot closer. And we all know what it's like getting fills at the quarry… Trust me, we're a lot faster (and more friendly!)…

Fill Type Single 10 Fills 20 Fills
Air (Banked) $10 $9 (Save $10) $8 (Save $40!)
Nitrox EAN32 (Banked) $12 $11 (Save $10) $10 (Save $40!)
Custom Nitrox (<40%) $18
Trimix (45% He max) $0.20/ft EAN32 and $3.50/ft Helium

Generally, banked fills require less than 15 minutes or so per tank (even less total time for more than one tank), and can easily be filled while you wait! However, it’s always best to call ahead to guarantee while-you-wait service just in case.

O2 and >40% Nitrox or Deco gas is available for open-circuit SCUBA only. Available pressures: up to 60% O2 at 3500 PSI maximum, up to 95% O2 at 2000 PSI maximum. O2 is $0.50/ft.

We offer a full range of equipment for rent. All equipment is well-maintained and in good condition. We are careful with what we are willing to rent, and because of this we only have a limited amount of gear for rental: please call ahead to make sure we have exactly what you need.

Because every diver wants a different gas, cylinders do not include fills. Rental tanks receive a 25% discount on fills during the time of the rental! Drop off before noon, pick up after 3 PM. Sizes are typical tank category size.

Tank Size Daily F-M or M-F 7-day Notes
Single tanks Tanks have convertible Yoke/DIN valves unless otherwise noted.
Aluminum 80 $10 $18 $30
Steel HP80 $12 $20 $35
Steel HP100 $15 $25 $40 Please call for availability.
Steel HP120 $20 $35 $50
Steel LP104 $25 $40 $60 Yoke only: DIN adapters available.
Double tanks
LP50 or LP72 $15 $30 $45
HP100 or LP85 $25 $50 $75
HP120 $35 $70 $90
LP104 or HP133 $40 $80 $120 300 BAR DIN Only
  • Drain and fill: $2 + Fill (Used if you want to switch from Air to Nitrox or vice-versa)
  • Annual Cylinder VIP: $25 + Fill
    • Two or more cylinders: 50% off Fills!
  • 5-year Cylinder Hydro and VIP: $40 + Fill
    • Two more more cylinders: 50% off Fills and Rentals!
    • O2 Clean (Cylinder only): $10
  • Backmount Doubles Assembly: $25
  • Annual Valve Rebuild: $25
    • Includes replacement of stem o-ring, tank o-ring, yoke o-ring, and copper crush gasket.
    • All materials (including o-rings and lubricant) are O2 compatible
    • Does not include cleaning of valve
  • 5-year Valve Rebuild: $40
    • Includes Annual Valve Rebuild parts plus valve seat and burst disc assembly
    • All materials (including seat) are O2 compatible
    • Does not include cleaning of valve
  • O2 Cleaning for Valve: $20
    • Add-on for Annual or 5-year Valve Rebuild
    • Only eligible if FTS has previously performed 5-year rebuild: the seat must have been replaced to be O2 compatible!