If you're a new visitor to our website (welcome!), you might be looking for a section devoted to our products or our services. Where is it?

That's right: We don't have them. That's because we don't sell products. And we don't offer services. And you wouldn't want them even if we did.

You read that correctly. You don't want products or services. Even ours, as brilliant as they are. You don't even want technology. You do want solutions. And not technology solutions. Business solutions to your business problems. Are there products that can help address those problems? Certainly. And services that can provide those solutions? Of course. But those are just tools – bricks that make up the path. But like any path, it's the destination that matters in the end. And at Fluid Tech Services, that's what we focus on.

Our job is to understand your business process, your business needs, and your business goals. Only then can we we be certain we will provide you the best business solutions. Of course, technology will likely be involved. But technology is never the focus. Your business needs are.

That's why every project begins with a business needs assessment. What is the business solution you need? Only then will we look at the technology – because maybe your problem isn't really a technical problem at all. And any strategy we create will end with a *business* solution. One that will be directly measured, to make sure you're getting exactly what you expected. So you're never left wondering exactly what you're getting for your money.

Sound unusual for a technology company? Sure. It can take some getting used to: focusing on your *business* instead of your *technology*. But we think it's the only way to make sure technology does its job: to make your *business* better.